425 Belgrave - Gembrook Road, Emerald, VIC 3782

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Emerald Secondary College
Access to Excellence

About Emerald Secondary College

Emerald Secondary College is a coeducational school with a current enrolment of approximately 750 students. The College has 70 teaching and non teaching staff. The College is located at 425 Belgrave - Gembrook Road, and is just a few minutes out of Emerald township.

The College is situated in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. The College attracts students from a wide area. Almost two thirds of students travel to school by bus.

The College first came into operation in 1985 as a post primary school catering initially for Year 7 students and extending beyond this level each subsequent year. The school is now a secondary college catering for students from Years 7 to 12. The College offers academic and vocational programs and it has a Careers Department that offers advice on a variety of pathways that students can take as part of their studies.

Emerald Secondary College has a strong history of academic success with a high proportion of students being accepted into university or other tertiary institutions.

The College has offered a Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program since 2008.

The College's Careers Leader oversees the Careers Program and provides vocational pathways advice to students across all year levels. We offer vocational programs such as Vocational Education and Training (VET) Courses, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA's). Our Vocational Education Program allows students to combine school with TAFE , Traineeships or Work Placement. All Year 10 students participate in Work Experience. Every student in Years 9 to 12 participate in the Managed Individual Pathways Program.

The College is proud of its Wellbeing Program with a dedicated Wellbeing Leader and a Positive Relationships Leader, access to an extensive range of professional counselling services and alternative programs for students at risk. The school is divided into Junior (Years 7 - 8), Middle (Years 9 - 10) and Senior (Years 11 -12) subschools with a Subschool Leader and team of Year Level Coordinators. Whenever possible, Home Group Teachers remain with their group from Year 7 through to Year 12 which promotes the development of strong relationships and a real awareness of individual student needs. Selected Year 10 students undergo training to be Peer Support Leaders to assist Year 7 students in their transition into secondary school.

Emerald Secondary College provides a comprehensive extra curricular program including a broad music program and a school production on alternate years. We offer a strong music program which includes a wide range of musical instruments, a variety of bands and ensembles and twice yearly concerts. The Emerald Performing Arts Centre provides a great venue for music, dance and drama.

We are confident that we prepare students for success in life after they have completed their secondary education at Emerald Secondary College.


Principal - Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal - Jonathon Rogers

Assistant Principal - Janine McMahon

Business Manager - Jayne Thompson

ESC Positions of Responsibility

Junior School (Yrs 7 - 8) Leading Teacher - Sarah Deer

Middle School (Yrs 9 - 10) Leading Teacher - Rebecca Arnold

Senior School (Yrs 11 - 12) Leading Teacher - Jeremy McKinnon

Inclusion Leading Teacher - Brad Gibbs

Literacy Learning Specialist - Tanja Korsten

Data Specialist & SEAL Co-ordinator - William Creagh

Pathways and Careers - Shane Closter

Numeracy Leader - Mark Ogden

Wellbeing Leader - Felicity Wooden

ICT Manager - Joel Hughes

English Domain Leader - Liam McManus

Mathematics Domain Leader - Craig Fairburn

Science Domain Leader - Ashley Forster

Humanities Domain Leader - Taylor Turton

Arts & Visual Arts Domain Leader - Cindy Mikieciuk

Languages Domain Leader - Daisuke Kawakami

Health & PE Domain Leader - Melissa Stephens

Technology & STEM Domain Leader - Gary Vear

Year Level Coordinator Yr 7 - Sema Yildrim

Year Level Coordinator Yr 8 - David Carnie

Year Level Coordinator Yr 9 - Tiana Clayworth

Year Level Coordinator Yr10 - Jarrad Donders

Year Level Coordinator Yr11 - Ritu Arora

Year Level Coordinator Yr12 - Shane Closter

School Chaplain - Darryl Bridges

Sport Coordinator - Emily Hay