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Emerald Secondary College
Access to Excellence

Wellbeing Programs

Emerald Secondary College is dedicated to educating and shaping the whole person in conjunction with our focus on academic excellence. We have worked hard as a whole school to build strong and ongoing relationships with program providers whose work we believe meets the wellbeing needs of today’s young people. Some of the wellbeing programs on offer at our school that speak to this focus include:

  • Perceptions Program - flexible thinking that builds resilience
  • AMPED – Physical education program
  • School based Mentoring – Matching junior and senior students for added school support
  • Community mentoring – Matching students with community mentors who can provide personal and career support
  • Police Liason Program – Building positive relationships between students and police
  • Artist in Schools Program – Funded by Creative Victoria, the artist in residence provides skills and support to students in a school based program that contributes to student assessment.
  • ENHANCE – students can access Headspace support at school instead of travelling to their nearest Headspace branch.
  • SSSO – Student Support Services Officer; educationl psychologist conduct’s educational assessments where appropriate. This allows us to differentiate teaching and learning to meet student point of need.
  • Lunch time Drop in – Students have a safe space to forge friendships and build relationships with teachers and wellbeing staff.
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid – Run through a certified provider, teaches students how to look out for and support their friends and peers.
  • Break out room -