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2022 Year 7 Enrolment enquiries – Matt Morris, Transition Coordinator

All other Year level enrolment enquiries – Jonathon Rogers, Assistant Principal


If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the transition process please contact Matt Morris, Transition coordinatior.

The College runs a comprehensive transition program to assist student’s transition not only into a Secondary setting but also within the College via the different Year levels.

Our transition program at Year 7 involves

* Pre Year 7 visits (Grade 6 Day)

* Information Night

* Year 7 Camp

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the transition process please contact Rebecca Holmes, Transition coordinator.

Transition Programs

Moving from primary to secondary school can be an exciting and challenging time for young people and their parents. Emerald Secondary College aims to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school. An extensive transition program ensures students are given many opportunities to visit the College and participate in a range of activities prior to commencing Year 7


There are many differences between primary schools and secondary colleges: the number of different subjects, rooms and teachers, the responsibility of taking different books and equipment to specialist classes and integrating with students from other schools. At Emerald Secondary College we are aware of these new challenges and are organised to make the transition as pleasant as possible.

The Experience Emerald Program operates between Emerald Secondary College and Grade 5 and 6 students from the local primary schools. It provides an opportunity to participate in a range of Year 7 classes. By the time students actually start Year 7, most feel quite at home in their new surroundings.

The Orientation Day in December enables Grade 6 students to experience a normal school day, following a Year 7 timetable. Where possible, students will meet their Home Group Teacher and class teachers for the following year. The night before Orientation Day an Information Evening is held for parents and students.

The Junior School Team works to ensure all new students settle in happily. This team includes the Junior School Manager, the Year 7 Coordinator, the Wellbeing Leader, the Transition Coordinator and the Year 7 Home Group Teachers. One of the challenges at secondary college is getting used to having a greater number of teachers. Wherever possible each Year 7 student has their Home Group Teacher as a classroom teacher. Some students may have the same teacher in multiple subjects e.g. English and SOSE or Maths and Science.

The Settling-in Week means Year 7 students are dismissed 5 mins early for recess, lunch and at the end of the day to get to their lockers, the canteen and buses for the first week.

The Orientation Camp gives all Year 7 students, their teachers, and the Junior School team, the opportunity to get to know each other by enjoying fun activities aimed at cooperative learning and team building in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.